Ryan Aghdam

August 2014 Everyday Carry

Everyday carry, as of August 2014.

August 2014 everyday carry
August 2014 everyday carry

Pictured, from top left to bottom right…

Wad of cash folded over my debit card, held together with a couple hair elastics. “See, keep the big bills on the outside”.

A small L.L. Bean pocket knife with leather sheath.

J. Crew Factory leather card holder. I keep my credit cards, license, etc. in here.

House key, with a cover made by Cicada Leather Company and garage key on a leather fob keychain.

Car key. I prefer carrying this to the one that has the integrated remote, because it’s less bulky.

Mirado Black Warrior pencil.

My grandfather’s old watch. It was in pretty rough shape when I first got it. I cleaned it up, and replaced the band with a leather NATO strap from cheapestnatostraps.com. I rotate this watch with either a Citizen Skyhawk, or a Timex military watch. I just noticed that the link to the Timex watch has “womens” in the URL – I swear that it’s a men’s watch!

Work badge, key to filing cabinet, and RSA token. The carabiner was a gift from my girlfriend – I’ve had it for almost ten years; it’s the oldest thing that I EDC.

Zeiss Lens Cleaning wipes to clean my glasses or my computer screen at work.

Blistex lip balm.

A pack of Big Red gum.

Not pictured: iPhone 5s, in a brown leather case. I’ve only had the case for a few weeks, I’m hoping that it the patina will make it look a little darker so that it matches the rest of my EDC items.