Ryan Aghdam


mr-checkbox – Validates a value against a given set of requirements. Named after a former colleague. Mr. Checkbox (the function, not the person) is curried; validators can be created with partially-applied invocation.

has-key-deep – Deep search objects for keys in JavaScript objects. Keys can be searched by providing an array of keys or using a dot notation.

propDeep – Returns the given deeply-nested property of an object using dot-notation or an array of keys.

wsm-log – A cooking log intended for a Weber Smokey Mountain and a dual-probe thermometer. This is a document written in LaTeX.

computer-modern-fonts – A Bower package that contains Computer Modern fonts.

grunt-sibilant – A Grunt task that compiles Sibilant to JavaScript. It was not a serious effort; it was used only to make trying Sibilant easier. There is only one commit. I no longer use Grunt so this is not maintained.

grunt-mvn-deploy – A Grunt task to deploy node projects to Maven repositories. This project was created to ease a difficult deployment process in a different project. I do not use Grunt (nor do I recommend using Grunt); this project is no longer maintained.

reddits-to-opml – An old (August 2010) Python project that produces an OPML feed of subscribed subreddits for a given Reddit user.